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Originally serialized in Love and Rockets New Stories, Ti-Girls Adventures managed to be both a rollickingly creative super-hero joyride (featuring three separate super-teams and over two dozen characters) that ranged from the other side of the universe to Maggie s shabby apartment, and a genuinely dramatic fable about madness, grief, and motherhood as Penny Century s decades-long quest to become a genuine super-heroine are finally, and tragically, fulfilled.

In addition to introducing a plethora of wild new characters, God and Science brings in many older characters from Jaime s universe, some from seemingly throwaway shorter strips and some from Maggie s day-to-day world (including some real surprises). The main heroine of the story, forming a bridge between the realistic Maggie stories and the super-heroic extravaganza is Angel, Maggie s sweet-tempered and athletic new roommate and best friend, and now herself an aspiring super-heroine.

Aside from being presented in a large format that really displays Jaime Hernandez s stunning art, God and Science will be a director s cut version that includes a full 30 new pages in addition to the original 100-page epic, including four new full-color faux Ti-Girls covers, several expansions of scenes, an epilogue set back in Maggie s apartment, and a long fantasy/timewarp sequence that draws the focus back on Penny s awful predicament.

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