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Guys! Boy’s love comic & fiction anthology started out as an idea between a few BL-enthusiastic comic artists. We were discussing the fact that there isn’t enough original BL around, and how unfortunate it is that BL-themed stories have gotten such a bad reputation lately. I took the matter into my own hands and became the organizer for this project, which grew and evolved as even more artists got interested and joined. Today, we have a strong lineup of skilled artists and their works, all collected in one book. The anthology is professionally printed and everything is financed by us, the artists. So if you’re buying a copy you’re not just getting an anthology filled with quality BL, you’re also supporting the artists.

The aim of this anthology is to provide positive, appealing boy’s love stories in high-quality and diversity to everyone who might be interested. We want to open more eyes to BL and counter the prejudice that has been brought upon it because of for example stereotypical yaoi and poorly written fanfics. This is a book of quality and tastes for everyone who, like us, have been waiting for something new and fresh.