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The brutal…The menacing…The twisted…Confront the vast, renowned world of ”StarCraft” inside this collection of mind-blowing adventures. ”Heavy Armor, Part 2”, the adrenaline-pumping firefight between mentor and protg escalates to a fierce climax. Will the young Viking pilot outwit the man who taught him everything? Or will the teacher remain the undisputed master of heavy armor – and doom a colony? A Ghost Story Sterilized by war, a rocky planet’s bounty and dark terrors have remained safely hidden – until a Kel Morian Combine crew catches wind of it hoping to strike big.There’s just one problem: the planet seems to be haunted by a ’ghost’. Newsworthy A pro-Dominion reporter lands the scoop of lifetime: an exclusive sit-down with Emperor Arcturus Mengsk following an embedded mission with terran marines. Every good reporter tells both sides of the story, but when she comes face-to-face with atrocity, can she handle the brutal truth, much less report it? Creep Feared by all and understood by none, zerg creep finally comes under the knife in the laboratory of protoss scientists.But instead of shedding light on the bizarre bio-matter, the scientists spiral into a psychologically disturbing and nightmarish struggle against a completely unknown foe.

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