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Lagom till Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival (SIS) släpper C'est Bon två dubbelnummer av sin internationella antologi CBA.

Texterna är hämtade från förlagets webbplats:

CBA vol 54|55: Was it a car or a cat i saw

Av: Kinga Dukaj, Knut Larsson, Oskar Aspman, Radovan Popović, Aleksandar Opačić, Marcel Ruijters, Saskia Gullstrand, Aiden Kvarnström, Katie Handley, Felipe Kolb Bernardes, Susanne Johansson, Korina Hunjak, Mattias Elftorp, Ollie Severin, Sid Church, Henrik Rogowski, David Lasky.

Have you ever had to just stop what you’re doing and go: “Wait, is this a dream?” When the unknown starts bleeding into reality and you are forced to question your sanity, if just a little bit. You know the sort of thing that happens in dreams that makes you sure it’s just a dream? How do you cope when it happens in the waking world?

CBA vol 56|57: UNCOMICS

Av: Tym Godek, Kimball Anderson, Warren Craghead III, Simon Russell, Anastasia Hiorns, Gareth A Hopkins, Tana Oshima, Rosaire Appel, allison anne, William Lillstjärna, Louis Deux, Mark Badger, Miika Nyyssönen, Shaun Gardiner, Laurel Lynn Leake, Churchdoor Lounger , Mattias Elftorp.

Uncomics – an artistic field where contemporary art and comics inform each other. Where the absence of sequence encourages the reader to investigate the picture plane(s) in any direction and order, becoming an active co-creator in the process. A space outside the tedious limitations of story, where images both abstract and suggestive interact. Comics, at last, as a visual art form.