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Krazy Kat, with its eternally beguiling love triangle of kat/dog/mouse, its fantastically inventive language, and its haunting, minimalist desert decor, has consistently been rated the best comic strip ever created, and Fantagraphics award-winning series one of the best classic comic-strip reprint series ever published. With our 13th volume, Krazy & Ignatz 1922-1924, the decades-in-the-making project of publishing every single Krazy Kat Sunday created by Herriman comes to a close. (Next: The dailies ) While the Krazy Kat Sundays were created and published in black and white until 1935 (and therefore the majority of strips in this book are black and white), Herriman s publisher did briefly experiment with running the strip in color in 1924, and all 10 of these rare full-color strips are presented here. The book also includes more rare photographs of Herriman, a DeBaffling section explaining period references and in-jokes, and the usual surprise goodies each of these volumes springs on their readers. And for the 13th and last time, the covers will be by Chris Ware.

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